• There are nearly 30 million people in slavery
  • Over 50% of people in slavery are children
  • FLORIDA has one of the highest occurrences of human trafficking in the US and is usually ranked in the TOP 3
  • There is a Safe House located right here in Lee County which houses MINOR Domestic (US) girls who have been RESCUED out of Human Sex Trafficking right in our own backyards?

Physical Signs

  • Tattoos & Branding
  • They are made to look presentable, not beat up and bruised.
  • The pimp will put makeup on them, dress them up, make them appealing

Emotional/Mental Signs

  • They don’t ask for help
  • They don’t trust authority
  • They will have a very well rehearsed story justifying their “pimp”.
  • Runaways, foster child

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